History of Baseball in Song

It's baseball season!! this is your annual reminder that you can get my folk song-cycle telling the history of baseball on my band camp page

Pastime - The Album by Ross Durand

Don't forget hat you can also find my music on iTunes, spotify, and amazon.


Hard Rain Songs Available

You can now get all 37 of the Hard Rain songs here. Keep in mind that many of these are drafts and rough recordings - but here they are!

I hope you enjoy them!


Hard Rain songs completed

Today, I completed my "Hard Rain" songs by writing the song that begins with the line, "Reflect it from the mountain so all souls can see it.", I hope to publish some complete sets of the drafts of these 37 songs soon.

Until then you can find a collection of the first 14 songs, entitled Goin' Back Out streaming on your Apple Music app and on Spotify as well as on CD through CD Baby, cdbaby.com.

Several other albums of my material are also available through those outlets.

Thanks for your support.


Baseball Season Again

It's that time of year again!! Baseball is back and I get another chance to remind you of the album I made in February 2008 telling the history of Baseball in song! It's free if you put $0.00 as the price, so you have nothing to lose, or pay more if you want.

Get the Album, Pastime, here!!!




Hi everyone and thanks for dropping by the site - especially if I saw you today at Orange Homegrown Farmer's Market! Shoot me an email to get on a mailing list or head over and "like" my artist page on Facebook!head over and "like" my artist page on Facebook!

Here's where to find music!
Pick up two of my most recent CDs, Side Effects and Goin' Back Out at CDbaby.com. You can also get three other albums of mine, Solo Acoustic, Coffee Shop and All-Nite Diner, and A Live album all over at iTunesor at amazon.mp3.

You can also get a bunch of free music, including my baseball album, Pasttime, over at band camp.com



Live at Orange Farmer's Market - 2/21

Come by and listen to great live music at Orange Homegrown Farmers Market on February 21 from 9-1. Pick up CDs or download cards and enjoy some great fresh food and tunes in Old Towne Orange!

Hope to see your there!


New CD Release!!! Side Effects Now Available

I am proud to announce the release of Side Effects, an album I have had in the works for some time. It features the award winning "Talking Side Effects Blues" as well as several other songs listed below.

Physical CDs can be purchased through CD Baby or directly through me.

The album can also be downloaded at CD Baby, iTunes, and Amazon, and can be streamed at Spotify and many other common streaming services.

Any reviews at these sites (especially positive ones), would be greatly appreciated!!!

Songs include: Talkiní Side Effects Blues, Famous Pairs, Iím Going Away for a While, Protest Song, Rick Ford, Onomatopoeia, The Ballad of James Byrd, Fare Thee Well, Two Days From Tomorrow, Another Day


End of year 2013 sampler available!!!

Another year over - I was a bit less productive this year, but still had a great time writing and recording when I could. I completed another Nur Ein! and was Champion of SPintunes 6 (see more on that below). I have put together seven of the songs I am proudest of from 2013 as a sampler you can download for free (just enter zero) or set your own price. The collection skews a little dark, but I think all of the tunes are satisfying, it also includes vocals by my wife and daughter. Also, it ends with a song called "Happiness," so how bad could it be.

I look forward to sharing more great music with you in 2014.



Pastime at bandcamp.com

I am in the process of moving my online downloads to


As of today you can get Pastime, my songcycle telling the history of baseball, there, as well as a 2012 sampler and the songs from Spintunes 6, of which I was champion.

All of these are available for free by putting a zero in the price box, or set your own price.


New Album Available Today

Volume one of my "Hard Rain" songs is available today at CD Baby.com as a digital download. Physical CDs will be available soon.

These are 14 songs inspired by lines from the Bob Dylan classic, "A Hard Rain's a Gonna Fall," about which he once said every line was the first line of a whole song he thought he'd never get to write. Folky, rootsy. substantive Americana. If you love folk, or know someone who does, you should get this record.

Ross Durand: Goin


New songs at Spintunes

Check out my new song, "American Way" over at the Spintunes songwriting competition. The challenge was to write a topical song.


New Album Available for download

Fans of acoustic and folk music might like to check out my new "album" in demo form. All written and recorded this february, these are 11 songs based on lines from "A Hard Rain's a Gonna Fall." if free music gives you guilt, i'll accept paypal.



Video of Ross at San Dimas Songwriters' Showcase - 9/19/09

Ross played six of his new songs on September 19 in San Dimas - here is some simple video of the set.



Welcome to my new website. I made it with a new amazing webpage machine designed by my friend, Spud. I hope it will help me be able to keep you more update to date and give you more access to what is going on in my music.